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Free-forever features for
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Unlimited Build Scan™
  • Build Performance Summary
  • Enhanced Console Log Functionality
  • Visual Build Timeline
  • Performance Data
  • Test Behavior Details
  • Dependency Graph
  • Build Plugin List View
  • Custom Values & Tagging
  • Environment Data


Features for enterprise

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Build Cache
  • Distributed Cache Node Management
  • Access Control
Build Scan (Private Server)
  • Automatic Invocation
  • Cross-Build Analysis
Build Failure Analytics
  • Enterprise-wide Build Failure Aggregation
  • Comprehensive Failure Metrics
Trends & Insights
  • Build & Test Performance and Failure Trends
  • Enterprise REST API


Additional tools to meet your productivity needs

Test Distribution

Test Distribution is a modern approach to test parallelism that dramatically accelerates test execution by taking existing test suites and distributing them across remote agents to execute them faster — locally and on CI.

Test Failure Analytics

Test Failure Analytics helps you proactively detect and determine the root cause of flaky tests and other problematic test failures and provides data on frequency of occurrence, impact, history, and trends to help prioritize and facilitate fixes.

Predictive Test Selection

Predictive Test Selection intelligently reduces build times by skipping tests that are very unlikely to provide useful feedback for a change.

Platform Support

All technologies that integrate with Develocity


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 Troubleshooting Capabilities

 Free  Core  Extensions

Build Scan ▶

Number of Scans Unlimited Unlimited
Data Privacy
Cross-Build Analysis
Automatic Invocation
Enterprise REST API
Data Retention 90 Days Unlimited
Build Performance Summary
Enhanced Console Log Functionality
Failure Report
Visual Build Timeline
Performance Data
Dependency Graph
Build Plugin List View
Custom Values & Tagging
Environment Data

Acceleration Capabilities

Build Cache ▶

Distributed Cache Node Management
Access Control
Comprehensive Admin Features
Maven Support

Test Distribution ▶

JUnit Platform & Vintage Compatibility
TestNG Platform Compatibility
Docker and Kubernetes Support
Elastic Autoscaling with KEDA

Predictive Test Selection ▶

Local Build Compatibility
Explainable Predictions
Advanced Noise Reduction
Fine-Grained Controls
Simulated Risk Analysis
Savings Impact Analysis
Wide JVM Compatibility
Environment Awareness

Analytic Capabilities

Build Failure Analytics ▶

Cross-org Build Failure Aggregation
Top Build Failures
Verification & Non-Verification Tagging
Failure Trends

Trends & Insights ▶

Cross-org Build Times
Serial Execution Details
Work Avoidance Savings Analysis
Build Cache Metrics
Network Traffic Insights
Export API
Build Scan Details
Trends and Analytics Data

Test Failure Analytics ▶

Cross-org Test Failure Trends
Cross-org Flaky Tests Insights
Outcome Trend Analysis
Flexible Test Outcome Visualization

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s for you to decide. We provide an online Cost-of-Inaction (CoI) calculator you can use right now to estimate the cost avoidance savings you can expect from faster builds and tests and more efficient failure troubleshooting. Our FREE Develocity trial culminates with a hard/quantifiable ROI that you developed working with Gradle engineers using your own data. The overwhelming majority of organizations that complete the trial process conclude that Develocity is indeed worth the price and use the ROI result to justify the purchase decision. In fact, your question was posed to Develocity customers in an open survey conducted by TechValidate and this was the response:

No. Develocity is an open platform that improves developer productivity by augmenting Gradle, Maven, and Bazel build tools with performance acceleration and analytic technologies that (1) speed up build and test feedback cycles and (2) make troubleshooting, continuous improvement efforts, and related collaboration more efficient.

No. Develocity is a build-tool-agnostic platform that currently supports Gradle, Maven, and Bazel build environments. We built this open platform because we believe that the build tool market is and will continue to be fragmented within and across language ecosystems and within most large corporations. This presented an opportunity to create a common commercial acceleration and analytics platform for Developer Productivity Engineering that is independent from any single build tool and provides a unified approach to delivering the benefits of DPE across an organization.

Gradle is proud to support key open-source projects with FREE instances of Develocity.  You can see a list of supported projects here. Gradle has limited resources to support these projects. However, if you represent an open-source project or educational institution, feel free to contact us if you are interested in exploring this further.

Proven valuable by big brands

Two-thirds of surveyed IT organizations experienced a payback period for their investments in Develocity within the first 3 months.

TechValidate survey of Develocity users

“This is a no-brainer for a big Android team.”
Cesar Puerta  Principal Engineer  

“Develocity is a mission-critical component of our developer productivity strategy.”
Trevor Jones  Senior Android Engineer  

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