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Reporting and Visualization


Get out-of-the-box and custom visualizations of build/test performance and failure data with key historical metrics for all local and CI builds.

Develocity Reporting and Visualization is a composable toolchain that allows rich reporting and visualization of data captured by Develocity. It provides an extensible platform for data observability and analysis as well as customizable reporting and visualizations. Many of the preconfigured reports offer cross-project analysis and comparison to give you actionable information about which projects are most in need of attention. The out-of-the-box reports also serve as a great starting point for creating custom reports specific to your needs.

Key Features

  • Cross-project reporting: track high-level metrics like build time and failure rate across many projects then compare between those projects to see which are above or below average so you know where to focus improvement efforts.

  • Freeform exploration and analysis: build ad-hoc queries or one-time reports to answer critical questions using your Develocity data. How many projects are still relying on a particular dependency? What’s the split of local vs. CI builds for a given set of projects? You can answer these questions and many, many more.

  • Customizable reporting and visualizations: track metrics and create reports for organizational KPIs, ongoing projects, or just for your own team to review. From visualizing build speed and reliability over time to tracking the progress of your CI migration you can create reports and dashboards for any situation.

  • Data export: you now have more options to bring Develocity data into your BI system or data warehouse. This makes it easier than ever to correlate build speed improvements with developer satisfaction, for example, or to show how build optimizations have reduced CI infrastructure costs.