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Oct-18: Apollo Kotlin joins DPE Lowdown

In this upcoming episode of DevProdEng Lowdown, we chat with Martin Bonnin, mobile engineer at Apollo, to get the lowdown on their DPE wins. 


Join us to learn how the Apollo Kotlin team leveraged Develocity (formerly Gradle Enterprise) to optimize their build and test speeds, resulting in a mean CI build time decrease from ~28 to ~4 minutes (see their public dashboard). You will also learn what next steps the team is taking in their journey toward DPE excellence. Specifically, this Lowdown will cover:

  • What is the Apollo Kotlin project and how does it work with GraphQL?

  • How has using remote build cache impacted CI efficiency?

  • How does the team identify and debug cache misses with Build Validation scripts?

  • How did Apollo collaborate with Gradle and JetBrains to resolve build cacheability issues?

  • What have been some of the project’s most impactful developer productivity wins?

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Sold-out DPE Summit 2023 signals rapid growth of DPE practice and interest in DevX topics

This year’s DPE Summit was a sold-out event. Over 500 attendees from some of the most innovative development organizations came together in San Francisco to discuss the latest practices, tools, and tactics related to DPE and DevX. 


Gradle founder and CEO Hans Dockter delivered the first keynote along with a challenge to look outside the software industry as a way of informing our approach to measuring developer productivity. Over the next two days, attendees saw keynotes from Uber and Airbnb and received detailed learnings from over 35 engineering leaders on what’s working and what’s next. 


DPE Summit 2023 recordings are being prepared and will be published in the coming weeks—until then, please enjoy some Build Propulsion Lab interviews recorded with select speakers.


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The New Stack: Metrics-Driven Developer Productivity Engineering at Spotify

Shortly after speaking at DPE Summit 2023, Laurent Ploix, engineering manager on the Platform Insights team at Spotify, sat down with The New Stack to discuss metrics-informed development as it relates to developer productivity and platform engineering.


In the article, Laurent describes how the industry’s search for the right developer productivity metrics led Spotify to put things on a scale: from leading metrics (e.g. short-term, tactical engineering actions), to lagging metrics (e.g. the resulting value and impact on long-term business trends).


Read the article to discover their remaining challenges—both in connecting the long-term metrics to developer productivity actions and in avoiding reliance on "vanity" leading metrics for gauging developer productivity gains. The article also explains why collecting data needed to tie developer metrics to organizational goals is so important.


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Leading DPE-enabling software platform Gradle Enterprise is now Develocity

Gradle recently announced that it has re-branded Gradle Enterprise—the new name is now Develocity. So why the change? 


According to Hans Dockter, Gradle Inc. founder and CEO, “we chose the name Develocity because it tells you unambiguously who this product is for and what business value we deliver. This means supporting all major build systems over time and ensuring that development organizations don’t have to migrate from their current tool of choice.”


While “Gradle Enterprise” served the company well since the product’s inception, over time the name became more of a liability than an advantage. Specifically, there was a common misconception that Gradle Enterprise was just for the Gradle Build Tool, whereas the company’s multi-build system support strategy for not only Gradle Build Tool, but also Apache Maven, Bazel, and sbt, has gained traction and yielded a major solution advantage.


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Forbes: Re-Energizing Your Digital Transformation Initiative With Quick Wins

In this Forbes Technology Council article, Hans Dockter, founder and CEO of Gradle, explains how DPE can be used to re-energize digital transformation journeys. His strategy is to re-energize the change agents (you, the developer) by focusing you on quick wins that pave the way for more efficient architecture transformations and align with executive-level metrics and goals. Specifically, it covers:

  • How DPE targets core developer pains to improve the developer experience

  • How to drive faster software delivery TTM with DPE

  • How to drive software quality with DPE

  • How to lower software development costs with DPE

  • Next steps

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