Gradle Acquires Triplequote

Gradle Inc. has acquired Swiss-based software development technology provider Triplequote, creator of Hydra (the world’s only parallel compiler for the Scala language). With this acquisition, Gradle Enterprise is now poised to speed up build and test feedback cycles for sbt, and make troubleshooting, continuous improvement efforts, and related collaboration more efficient for the Scala developer community. Notably, Martin Odersky, creator of the Scala programming language and advisory board member to Triplequote, will join in a technical advisory role at Gradle Inc.

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DPE Showdown: Next episode focuses on CI quality of service topics

The March 22nd season premier of DPE Showdown (S3:E1) focuses on CI quality of service topics with centralized CI teams from Netflix, Slack, Uber, and Gradle. Learn from panelists who have experience with CI as a service for large numbers of developers across many different platforms and projects. The panelists will share best practices, lessons learned, challenges, impactful wins, KPIs/OKRs and deliverables from their past experiences. Our all-star contestants include Dan Speers (Gradle), Valera Zakharov (Slack), Rahul Somasunderam (Netflix), and Yohan Hartanto (Uber).

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Case studies spotlight value of using Gradle Enterprise to provide CI build and test observability

Gradle Enterprise automatically observes, records, and reports details about your CI builds. This information provides the basis for generating performance and failure-related insights and developing metrics to make CI pipelines more efficient. This automation allows CI and DevOps Engineers to focus on sustained improvement instead of tech support. In a new article, Gradle field CTO, Justin Reock defines some of those key CI metrics and explores real-world examples of Gradle Enterprise helping teams to optimize CI performance and failure recovery using those metrics.

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Development Efficiency at the Swedish Pensions Agency

By software engineer, Jörgen Andersson. At Pensionsmyndigheten (Swedish Pensions Agency) we have developed a model to define our understanding of the words "Development Efficiency". The purpose of the model is to create a shared picture and a shared language that makes it easier to talk about how we can improve the powers and capabilities of the team/group or entire organization or to be more succinct: create more value for your investment in people.

To help you start the discussion about Development Efficiency in your group/team we have created some presentation material for a group exercise called “Reason about Development Efficiency”. The exercise takes about 75 minutes.

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JFokus Presentation On-Demand: “Dependency management? Model it!”

Dependency management hell affects many teams–the larger the project and its dependency graph, the harder it is to maintain. In this video presentation from JFokus 2023, Louis Jacomet (Senior Lead Software Engineer at Gradle Inc.) looks into this problem, and how Gradle helps reduce this headache. Specifically, it accomplishes this using a metadata format that enables a detailed modeling of software components built around multiple files, providing multiple variants, and setting different constraints on their dependencies.

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