2023 Predictions for the Developer Community

Gradle CEO Hans Dockter shared some of his predictions for the new year in recently published articles by InfoWorld and the New Stack. Here are a few. 

  • In light of the uncertain economic climate, observability in the software development process will become a must-have to identify areas for cost savings and improved efficiency.

  • Businesses that rely on software for operational efficiency and digital services will prioritize developer productivity and the developer experience to remain competitive.

  • DPE will become the predominant approach to maximizing productivity because it delivers a hard ROI based on business outcomes compared to traditional approaches focusing on developer output.  

To get the full list of predictions and descriptions, visit our press room.

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Managing a Remote Build Cache at Scale with Local Build Observability at Cash App

To successfully manage and maintain a remote build cache at scale, developers need to easily observe its performance continuously, especially if using the remote cache for local builds. This blog looks at how the Cash App team observes remote build cache performance and tracks avoidance savings per build type. It then shares how the custom metadata capability in Build Scan™ was used to get more detailed insights into how the remote build cache was performing for different team members worldwide. This gave Cash App the data they needed to optimize the remote cache for the entire team. This is just one example of how better data observability allows you to make better business decisions and make the most of your build infrastructure investment

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DevProdEng Lowdown: The JetBrains Kotlin Compiler Team’s Developer Productivity Wins

In the latest episode of DevProdEng Lowdown, Rooz Mohazzabi and Justin Reock chatted with JetBrains’ Nikolay Krasko, the infrastructure team lead for the Kotlin Compiler OSS project, to get the lowdown on their developer productivity wins. Here are some of the conversation highlights:

  • To ensure company-wide productivity, including developer tasks, JetBrains has multiple teams that focus on infrastructure and support services to deal with internal software issues. 

  • To effectively review code, Kraski determined it is important to understand the task, context, and code being reviewed to increase developer productivity. This information can be found in the task's description and can be used to ask questions and gain a better understanding. 

  • Gradle Enterprise Build Scan™ is a useful tool for understanding dependencies and optimizing performance. This is a preferred option to manually collect dependency information from logs. 

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