DevProdEng Showdown Wall Street Edition: Scaling Developer Productivity at Global-Banking Scale 

The next DevProdEng Showdown (“Scaling Developer Productivity at Global-Banking Scale”) will take place on August 24th at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific time. It will feature productivity engineering, developer tooling, and developer experience experts—from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and US Bank—who have been working on the challenges of shipping software at scale at large, heavily regulated financial institutions. 

If you’re interested in learning about scaling your DevProd strategy and experience, learn from the banking icons that do everything at a massive, global scale. Join us and get expert opinions and answers to thought-provoking questions in an entertaining, rapid-fire, game-show-like format. As always, you vote on the best answers and determine the winner.


Square Speeds Up Local Builds with a Remote Build Cache

A recent blog explains how the team behind Cash App (Square’s mobile payment service), leverages one of the most powerful features of Gradle Enterprise, its remote build cache.  Build caching allows teams to share the benefits of caching, even for local builds. If your teammate has recently built some code and that code hasn’t changed, there’s no reason to rebuild it. 

Read on to see how the Cash App team set up their remote build cache to make everyone more efficient by significantly improving build and test feedback cycle times. Not only was the Cash App team able to get significant savings from the remote build cache, but they also found geographic areas where the cache wasn’t performing as well, and then used hard data to justify a second cache node that brought higher productivity to the whole organization. 

Expert TakeS

What DevProd Metrics Does Uber Track?

In our most recent DevProdEng Lowdown, we talked to Gautam Korlam and Ty Smith, who work on the Developer Productivity and Experience team at Uber. Uber has about 200 platform engineers dedicated to improving developer productivity that support about 4,000 developers. 

To further expand on the scale of their development environment, Gautam and Ty characterized the magnitude of developer activity at Uber as follows:

  • Thousands of microservices
  • Hundreds of thousands of deployments per month
  • Millions of config changes per month
  • Tens of mobile apps
  • Seven programming languages
  • Tens of thousands of commits per month
  • Hundreds of millions of monorepo LOC
  • Trillions of mobile analytic events per month
  • Billions of user sessions per month

So, at this massive scale, what are the key developer productivity metrics that matter to Uber? Gautam and Ty shared their shortlist, which includes: 

  • Build Time
  • Failure Rate
  • IDE Performance
  • App Performance
  • CI/CD Time
  • Developer NPS

For a more in-depth explanation of these metrics and why they are important to Uber, and to hear the broader set of questions and answers, check out the Lowdown webcast recording.


Gradle Announces the First Annual Developer Productivity Engineering Summit 

Register today for the Developer Productivity Engineering Summit 2022: Next Practices for Improving the Developer Experience. It will take place on November 2-3 in San Francisco. This two-day, two-track event will bring together the brightest minds in the world of developer productivity. This will be your chance to learn from real-world use cases on how to leverage DPE next practices and tools to achieve digital transformation and pursue a developer-experience-driven competitive advantage. The event will feature speakers from Airbnb, DoorDash, Gradle, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Slack, and Uber.

In addition to the super early bird price, use promo code “dpe-100” to get an additional $100 off.

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