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Gradle Inc. raises $27 million in series C funding

The closing of a series C funding round represents a big milestone for Gradle and you can read the official press release here. But, what might this mean for Gradle Enterprise customers? Most importantly, it means that Gradle will be able to accelerate Gradle Enterprise support for all major language ecosystems used within the enterprise. Thus, beyond Gradle, Apache Maven, Android, JUnit and soon Bazel, this will include popular test frameworks for Python and JavaScript such as Pytest, Jasmine and Cypress. Gradle will also invest more heavily in extending their product functionality leadership, including the application of AI/ML technologies to Gradle Enterprise build and test acceleration and analytic capabilities. And, in response to accelerating demand for the DPE solution, the company plans to invest further in scaling sales and customer support internationally. 

"Gradle is pioneering a new software development practice called Developer Productivity Engineering or DPE and we are convinced that DPE will prove to be the most important movement in software development since the introduction of DevOps by addressing many of its inefficiencies and dark costs".

Hans Dockter
Gradle Inc. Founder and CEO

Gradle also believes this will give all prospects, customers and partners even greater confidence to invest in DPE initiatives and enabling technologies like Gradle Enterprise. A recently published blog entitled 4 Reasons Why Venture Capital is Flowing into Developer Productivity Engineering Solutions speaks directly to this point.

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DevProdEng Lowdown: How LinkedIn does Developer Productivity Engineering

In this upcoming Developer Productivity Engineering meetup, we talk to senior software engineer, Grant Jenks. For the last three years, Grant has worked at LinkedIn in the Developer Productivity and Happiness organization on the Developer Insights team. Developer Insights works like a “Fitbit for engineering teams” to identify and improve pain points in developer workflows. We’ll explore the platform they built to improve the productivity of their engineers with the goal of shipping new and better features to LinkedIn users. This online event will take place on Thursday, December 9, 10-11 am PST. To learn more about the agenda/topics and to register click below.

Expert Takes

DPE at Microsoft with Brian Houck

In our most recent DevProdEng Lowdown (meetup/webcast event) sponsored by Gradle and Microsoft, Brian Houck from the Microsoft Windows Engineering Systems sat down with Gradle’s own Rooz Mohazzabi to discuss how Microsoft approaches developer productivity and the technology platform they built to enable DPE. Watch the on-demand video recording to get his insights on:

  • The right point in time for an organization to launch a dedicated DPE team focused
  • How to structure and rollout a DPE team
  • Factors and bottlenecks that impact productivity including cultural and environmental considerations
  • Key data, metrics and tools required for success
  • Measuring how developer time is spent and developer happiness
  • Wins, success stories and lessons learned
  • Key plans and next steps

Success Stories

Addressing and diagnosing build performance challenges at Google/Android

In a blog entitled Hello, my Gradle builds are slow! — written by Aurimas Liutika, Staff Software Engineer on the AndroidX team — Aurimas shares what he describes as “an interesting finding” after working with Gradle to set up an instance of a Gradle Enterprise server. The team used the Build Scan™ service to collect build and test data and the Performance Dashboard to determine the root cause of their build performance issue. The blog walks you through the process of leveraging these data sources — including the roles played by build performance profiling, configuration, dependency resolution and network activity data — in problem resolution.

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December 9,10:00 am PST (1 hour): DevProdEng Lowdown Webcast - How LinkedIn Does Developer Productivity Engineering
January 3, 9:00 am PST (3 hour): Online Training  - Gradle Build Cache Deep Dive 
January 14, 9:00 am PST (2.5 hours): Online Workshop -  Introduction to Developer Productivity Engineering 
January 18-19, 8:30 am PST (4 hours / day): Online Training -  Introduction to Gradle Build Tool 
March 7, 9:00 am PST (2.5 hours): Online Training - Gradle Build Cache Deep Dive 
March 8-9, 8:30 am PST (4 hours/day): Online Training - Introduction to Gradle Build Tool 

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