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Next Developer Productivity Engineering Meetup Features Netflix

In this Developer Productivity Engineering Meetup we will converse with Danny Thomas from the Netflix Productivity Engineering team. We’ll explore the people, processes, and tools Netflix put in place to improve the productivity of their engineers with the ultimate goal of shipping higher quality content to subscribers faster. Specifically, Danny will answer questions about when it’s time to launch a DPE team and how to structure it; results from the Netflix DPE team and biggest win to date; as well as the team’s moonshot goal moving forward.

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Do You Regularly Schedule ‘Flaky Test Days’? 

Each Gradle Enterprise engineering project team is responsible for monitoring their own flaky tests. The most impactful ones are dealt with immediately. But, what about the rest that get deferred? When enough lower-impact flaky tests have accumulated in the test suite, the team meets for a ‘Flaky Test Day’ to burn down this technical debt before working on the next release. This gives the dev teams a reliable starting point for on-going development and testing.  In this post, we explain the importance of having flaky test days, when to schedule them, and some of the Gradle Enterprise development team’s favorite best practices for identifying, prioritizing and fixing flaky tests.

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Take the Gradle or Maven Build Speed Challenge!

The Build Speed Challenge is an easy and fun way to experience the power of the FREE Gradle or Maven Build Cache and verify your out-of-the box results using our free Build Scan™ service.  Once you complete the challenge — which can take as little as 5-10 minutes — you will automatically receive a Gradle swag kit. 

Participating in the challenge is simple.  All you'll need to do is enable caching and scanning in Gradle or add the free Gradle Enterprise extension to the Maven project of your choice and connect to our contest events server. You'll run a cached build and email us a screenshot of your cache savings from the free Build Scan interface. To register and access the step-by-step participation instructions, click on the link below. Good luck!

Expert Takes

Android Experts Share DevProd Best Practices in the Last DevProdEng Showdown!

The topic for the last DevProdEng Showdown was Android Builds and Tests at Scale. In this episode Android gurus from some of the most famous technology and global business brands weigh in on thought-provoking technology choices they support and interesting practices they recommend to scale their Android builds and tests.  This episode’s all-star panelists were John Rodriguez (Square), Zac Sweers (Slack), David Burström (Spotify) and Carmen Alvarez (Libon). Congrats to John Rodriguez who was judged by the audience as this month’s Showdown winner.

Check out how the experts responded to the following questions and decide for yourself who won the Showdown: 

  • What static code analysis tools do you have integrated into your CI builds?
  • If you could have one wish granted, for tools to improve scaling of tests, what would it be?
  • Do you have useful shell scripts or tools in your build?
  • Is it ok if test code isn’t as clean as production code?
  • What are the pros and cons of app developers implementing tests vs test engineers?
  • Do you require a certain test coverage before merging PRs?
  • What’s your favorite testing tool?
  • Where do you execute integration tests for CI?


Gradle Build Tool Users - We Would Still Like to Hear from You

If you haven’t already provided your feedback, we would appreciate it if you could do that now. The survey will take less than 90 seconds to complete. 

Why complete the survey? The Gradle Build Tool engineering team has released Gradle 7 and wants to learn more about the community’s upgrade plans, as well as to understand the reasons behind the decision to upgrade or not to upgrade at this time so we can prioritize development efforts and address upgrade impediments. 

The plan is to follow-up with you with information intended to address your specific upgrade challenges and help you get the most value out of the Gradle Build Tool. ​​​

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