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Executive’s Guide to Developer Productivity Engineering

This white paper is intended to serve as an urgent call to action for IT leaders within enterprises that are responsible for translating business goals into digital strategy and who are open to a new approach and new solutions. These are the DPE initiative executive sponsors that understand the urgency of ensuring that devs continuously operate at peak speed and efficiency. If this resonates with you, read on!

This white paper addresses the following questions:

  • What is Developer Productivity Engineering and why will it play a critical role in achieving and sustaining the benefits of digital transformation?
  • Why is an engineering and data-driven approach to maximizing developer productivity optimal compared to alternative approaches?
  • Who is investing in DPE across the enterprise and what have been the results to date?
  • What is the business case for DPE and the cost of inaction (CoI)?

Expert Take

How to Improve React and JavaScript Build Performance with Gradle Enterprise

Gradle Enterprise UI engineers experience significant productivity gains by using Gradle Enterprise for their Webpack-driven JavaScript builds, a use case we are seeing more and more of, and that demonstrates the real value of investing in an encompassing DPE strategy. In this post we explain why you may want to use Gradle Enterprise to improve the speed and reliability of your own JavaScript Webpack builds and how to do it.

We conclude that clearly, polyglot teams can benefit from centralizing build data and metrics into Gradle Enterprise. The flexibility of the Gradle build scripts makes it easy to wrap compile processes from other languages into the build, allowing this data to be captured and viewed alongside other parts of the full build. Having essential build details available through the Build Scan™ can be the difference between troubleshooting that takes seconds and troubleshooting that takes days.

Featured Upcoming Event

Spend Some Quality Time with DPE Industry Experts

Our next Introduction to Developer Productivity Engineering online workshop will take place on September 13, 9:00 am - 11:30 am PT. In this hands-on online educational event with labs, DPE guru, Raju Gandhi, will demonstrate DPE best practices and tools in action—using examples from Java projects that rely on Maven or the Gradle Build Tool. In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Accelerate debugging and root cause analysis time in half leveraging Build Scans™.
  • Achieve up to 90% reductions in local and remote build times using Build Cache and Test Distribution.
  • Avoid performance regressions, continuously improve toolchain reliability, and better manage flaky tests with build performance and build failure analytics.


Android Experts Share DevProd Best Practices in the Last DevProdEng Showdown!

The topic for the last DevProdEng Showdown was Android Builds and Tests at Scale. In this episode Android gurus from some of the most famous technology and global business brands weigh in on thought-provoking technology choices they support and interesting practices they recommend to scale their Android builds and tests.  This episode’s all-star panelists were John Rodriguez (Square), Zac Sweers (Slack), David Burström (Spotify) and Carmen Alvarez (Libon). Congrats to John Rodriguez who was judged by the audience as this month’s Showdown winner.

Check out how the experts responded to the following questions and decide for yourself who won the Showdown: 

  • What static code analysis tools do you have integrated into your CI builds? 
  • If you could have one wish granted, for tools to improve scaling of tests, what would it be?
  • Do you have useful shell scripts or tools in your build?
  • Is it ok if test code isn’t as clean as production code?
  • What are the pros and cons of app developers implementing tests vs test engineers?
  • Do you require a certain test coverage before merging PRs?
  • What’s your favorite testing tool?
  • Where do you execute integration tests for CI?


Gradle Build Tool Users - We Would Like to Hear from You

Please give us your feedback. The Gradle Build Tool engineering team has released Gradle 7 and wants to learn more about the community's upgrade plans, as well as to understand the reasons behind the decision to upgrade or not to upgrade at this time. 

The information will be used to prioritize development efforts and address upgrade impediments. The plan is to follow-up with you with information intended to answer your specific upgraded-related questions and help you get the most value out of the Gradle Build Tool. This survey will take less than 90 seconds to complete. 

More Upcoming Events

Don’t Miss these Opportunities to Learn More

​​​September 8,  1:00 pm  ET (1 hour): Postgres Conference (Online) - Introducing Developer Productivity Engineering with Justin Reock (Gradle Chief Evangelist)
September 13,  9:00 am PT (2.5 hours): Gradle Online Workshop -Introduction to Developer Productivity Engineering 
September 21-22, 8:30 am PT (4 hours each): Gradle Online Workshop - Introduction to Gradle Built Tool 
September 21-23, Apachecon Conference:  : Maven Build Speed Challenge @ Gradle’s booth
September 24, 9:00 am ET: NFJS Boston -  Introduction to Developer Productivity Engineering 
In-Person Workshop
September 29, 9:00 am PT (3.5 hours) Gradle Online Workshop - Gradle Build Cache Deep Dive
September 29, 1:30 pm ET (30 min): DevOps World (Online) - Speeding Up Jenkins and Maven with a Build Cache

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