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Dev Cloud Acceleration at Elastic with Google Cloud Platform 
Elasticsearch uses a combination of Gradle Enterprise build and test acceleration technology to minimize build and developer feedback cycles and Gradle Enterprise failure analytics to minimize the time it takes to troubleshoot problems. In combination with Google Cloud’s compute performance and cost advantages, Elastic delivers superior service-levels to its internal stakeholders and customers.

Please join Mark Vieira, Principal Software Engineer within the Elasticsearch core infrastructure team, and James Ward from Google Cloud’s developer advocacy team as they discuss the particular best practices and technologies deployed to achieve this result in a Webcast entitled: Dev Cloud Acceleration at Elastic with Gradle Enterprise and Google Cloud Platform. The event will take place on Thursday, March 18 (10am SF, 1pm NY, 6pm London, 7pm Berlin)
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The Next Episode of DevProdEng Showdown to Focus on Android Developer Productivity
On Thursday, January 28 we piloted the first live episode of DevProdEng Showdown. DevProdEng Showdown is a series of live-streamed 30-minute events where a panel of distinguished experts debate hot topics related to Developer Productivity Engineering and Software Engineering at scale, in a rapid-fire game show-like format. 

This episode’s topic was Achieving Java Development Productivity at Scale and the slate of All-Star panelists included Simona Bateman (FitBit), Kyle Moore (LinkedIn); Roberto Perez Alcolea (Netflix); and Hans Dockter (Gradle). The event attracted over 1,000 live and replay viewers within 24 hours. Congratulations to Simona for coming out on top. You can watch the replay here.

Our next episode is scheduled for Thursday, March 11 and the topic will be  Android Developer Productivity Engineering at Scale. This episode will feature experts from Uber, Square, Mozilla, and Gradle. To learn more and register click below:
VMware on Developer Productivity Engineering in a Microservices Environment
VMware has adopted Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) principles within their Cloud Services Platform team and deployed Gradle Enterprise to quickly address some of their developer productivity pain points and achieve several benefits. 
In a new webcast now available on demand, Doron Gold, Staff Engineer at VMware discusses common use cases where Gradle Enterprise was used successfully in a microservices environment to achieve faster feedback cycles, make troubleshooting more efficient, and improve build and test reliability.

Discussion Topics Include:
  • ​​​​​​Rolling out and monitoring the build cache for many microservices
  • Caching integration tests
  • Monitoring network bottlenecks and dependency downloads
  • Managing dependency versioning failures, identifying vulnerable dependency conflicts, and dealing with upgrades 
  • Failures caused by Java upgrades
Is Developer Productivity Engineering the Next Big Thing in Software?
For decades, the success formula for many (if not all) breakthrough business and technology productivity methodologies has been “Productivity = Speed * Efficiency”, where “efficiency” in this case refers to the ability to maintain or even improve quality as process and workflow execution speed up.  This blog surveys some of the major methodologies adhering to this formula over the last half century. It concludes that DPE shares the same DNA as all other tried and true productivity management methodologies—proven step-function increases in process speed and efficiency—and that this bodes well for its chances of becoming this decade’s next “big thing” in software.
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