Webinar: What's New In Gradle 6.0?

Gradle 6.0 is the culmination of several years of innovative improvements in Dependency Management. Embracing the idea that there is more to software composition and reuse than just putting a set of jar files on the classpath, Gradle now offers a new metadata format to richly define software components that are often made up of multiple files, different variants and specific constraints on their dependencies. 

In addition, Gradle 6.0 adds several other features that will help improve your overall Developer Productivity including updates to the Worker and Tooling APIs and new cryptographic function options for library publishers.

In this 90-minute webinar, Jenn and Jendrik will walk you through the key themes of Gradle 6.0.

  • What’s New in Dependency Management
  • Java, Groovy, and Scala toolchain improvements
  • New features for plugin authors

If you can’t attend at this time, sign up anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording when it becomes available.


90-minute session with Q&A.

Meet the speakers

Jenn StraterJenn Strater
Developer Advocate at Gradle

Jendrik JohannesJendrik Johannes
Senior Software Engineer at Gradle


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