Introducing Develocity Predictive Test Selection

Boosting Developer Productivity with Machine Learning

For most projects, a majority of the software build time is spent running tests. Often many of the tests that run in a single build are functionally unnecessary. Despite this, common test impact analysis practices ensure that they will run out of an abundance of caution. This practice introduces unnecessary delays to the developer feedback cycle. To mitigate this, Develocity is proud to announce Predictive Test Selection, which significantly reduces testing time by leveraging machine learning to avoid running irrelevant tests. Inspired by the Predictive Test Selection project at Meta, the Develocity approach proactively develops a test selection strategy by learning from historical changes and test outcomes that are tracked by Develocity Build Scan™. 

In this webcast, you can expect to: 

  • Learn the key benefits of this technology for your development and management teams
  • See Predictive Test Selection in action
  • Learn how it works and leverages machine learning
  • Find out how it can be used as part of comprehensive build and test performance acceleration strategy
  • Participate in a live Q&A with the lead engineer, Eric Wendelin

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