DevProdEng Showdown S3E1: CI at Scale

March 22, 2023

S3E1: CI at Scale

In this episode of DPE Showdown we discuss CI quality of service topics with centralized CI teams from Netflix, Slack, Uber, and Gradle. Learn from our panelists who have experience with CI as a service for large numbers of developers across many different platforms and projects. The panelists will share best practices, lessons learned, challenges, impactful wins, KPIs/OKRs and deliverables from their past experiences.

This episode’s all-star panelists:

Leanne Kerford
Dan Speers
John Burns
Valera Zakharov
Martin Chalupa
Rahul Somasunderam

Ryan Menezes
Yohan Hartanto
Topics for the panel:

  • What’s the best CI platform on the market today and why?
  • What was your team’s most interesting success story from the last 12 months?
  • Best practices application developers should take to triage their PR failures?
  • What is the most important metric/data that you collect around CI Quality of Service?
  • When do you use build vs CI to optimize parallelization of overall build time?
  • What is the most asked for request from your customers, the application teams?
  • What’s the secret sauce for maintaining CI quality of service for thousands of engineers world wide?
  • What’s the best way to make your CI machines work harder? How do you maximize the throughput?

Not familiar with DevProdEng Showdown? It’s a series of live-streamed 30-minute episodes featuring a panel of distinguished experts who debate hot topics related to Developer Productivity Engineering. Check out our promo video below to get a better idea of what to expect, and don’t forget to invite your colleagues who are interested in DevProd and DevX.

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